Annual Rhythm at BFM

Each month at a glance: BFM’s Annual Rhythm lists the various activities that take place each month through the year. For current dates and times of events, please see our Newsletter and/or Monthly Calendar.

July and August
Many in the Bethesda Friends community are coming and going all summer long, so it is a quieter time for many. On the other hand, some children have gone to Quaker camps; a few people have gone to Friends General Conference in early July; and more will attend the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Annual sessions the first or second week of August. All are ways of refreshing one’s spirit. Families are often on vacation. Sunday Child Care is available, and there is supervised playground activity for K-8.
With a rush, lots begins happening right after Labor Day, when there is registration for First Day School (Religious Education), sign ups for Friendly Eights, the Nominating Committee asks people to serve on committees, and the annual process of updating our Directory begins.
The Treasurer reports to Meeting for Business on the previous fiscal year, which
runs from July 1 to June 30. If there is a substantial overage, the Grants Committee is created and begins work. The Religious Education Committee gives a update regarding First Day School registration. The Nominating Committee is busy recruiting people.
The First Day School sponsors a walkathon to benefit the homeless and encourages the adults to join them. Friends Committee on National Legislation has its annual gathering in DC. The orchestra for the Christmas Celebration begins practicing. The Book Table has its holiday sale.
The First Day School is busy preparing for the Christmas Celebration and Quakerly Cookies for sale to raise money for the Social Concerns Box. Friends invite family, neighbors and colleagues to the Candlelight Meeting for Worship. Transitions in committee memberships start to happen.
This  marks the transition in committee membership and the naming of new clerks. Ministry & Worship seeks our reflections on the Spiritual State of the Meeting. Friendly Eights has sign-ups for spring dinners. The Women’s Retreat is usually held the last week of January. BYM camp enrollment begins for returning campers.
Discussions continue on the Spiritual State of Our Meeting. Thanksgiving in February is held, with Friends invited to a dinner for which they contribute $20 per person to feed the hungry in Montgomery County. New camper enrollment opens at Quaker camps. Committees review budget proposals and submit them to Stewardship & Finance.
The Spiritual State of the Meeting is presented to Meeting for Business for consideration. Planning begins in earnest for our Spring Fling held in April/May.
The Spiritual State of the Meeting report gets a final reading. Stewardship & Finance presents the preliminary budget for the coming year. Spring Fling happens.
The final budget is approved for the July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. It’s the time to identify high school and college graduates.
First Day School (Religious Education) for children ends until September (supervised playground activity during the summer). Camp Catoctin Weekend is scheduled for early in the month.
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