Dispatches from Bethesda Friends 

BFM members and attenders often share their original thoughts or research with Friends at the meeting. These can include articles, Adult Religious Education presentations and even messages and spoken ministry from the Meeting itself. We're endeavoring to collect some of them here.
If you have something you would like included on this list, please submit it to bethesdafm@igc.org with the request that it be included in "Dispatches." Alternatively, contact a member of the website team, such as Marion H. or Andrew V.

Conway Listening Tour

Frank Greve and Jane Chalmers, March 1-7, 2017

When Frank Greve and Jane Chalmers realized that they knew no supporters of President Trump, they were dismayed but not surprised. Trump won less than five percent of the vote in Washington, DC, where they live. So, they spent a week in Conway, SC, seat of a county that President Trump carried two-to-one in a state he carried by a landslide. Their purpose was to listen and learn from the president’s supporters. They shared their story with BFM and wrote up a text version as well.