(Responses collected during January 2019 for your experiences during 2018) 
  • Jump down the page to download a Word document, which you can fill out and email to a committee member. (Responses due by 1/19/2019)

In January, the Ministry & Worship Committee will begin its discernment process for writing the 2018 Spiritual State of the Meeting report. This process largely rests on conversations with people in the Meeting.
In preparation, the Committee asks you to reflect on the following queries as they apply to your life in the Meeting over the last year: 

1. In the life of our Meeting, how are our deliberations and actions loving, caring, and Spirit led?

2. Does our life in the Meeting leave us feeling loved, cared for, and led by the Spirit?

3. What challenges us to be loving, caring and Spirit led?

4. How might there be more actions that are loving, caring, and Spirit led?

  • Ministry & Worship members plan to formally gather reflections on these queries at potluck on Sunday, January 13. 
  • We will also be gathering input from all the various Meeting's committees, and encouraging reflections from all individuals with a written response form that will be available on the credenza for the month of January.
  • In addition to these planned sessions, you are welcome to give your reflections at any time in any format to any member of the Ministry & Worship Committee (Lydia Adelfio, Ron Akins, Jackie DeCarlo, Bracken Hendricks, Gail Kohanek, Linda Mack, Jabez McClelland, Melissa Meredith, and Eric Sterling.)
  • The queries will be posted on the BFM website with a form you can use to submit your thoughts. Alternatively, you may send responses to Ron Akins (rpakins [at] yahoo.com) or Lydia Adelfio (adelfiol [at] gmail.com). We encourage your insights.


The committee plans to gather comments on these queries on January 13, 2019, 12:30 p.m. (SSOM conversation tables at potluck)

Quite apart from these planned sessions, your reflections are welcome at any time and can be conveyed in any format to any member of the M&W committee.

The committee expresses its deep gratitude to everyone for participating in this moment of communal discernment.

If you would like to print the SSOM queries and write your personal answers, please download this Word document. You can save it and email it (or hand it) to any M&W committee member. (Responses due by 1/19/2019)